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Odometer Count-Up

Vibrand Design
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Description from Webflow:  
Hey Webflow Family, we are back with a new community cloneable for you all. There are many ways to animate numbers, however a flexible solution to also display them like an odometer is very rare. A few days ago we came across Hubspot's Odometer Library and thought this is what the community needs. So here we are, with our Odometer Count-Up Cloneable for you. Some features summarized: 1. count up by 1 in a fixed interval 2. trigger odometer animation on scroll with GSAP scrollTrigger 3. add currency symbol to show prices in an unusual way 4. interval increase by own value 5. interval increment with a randomly generated number in a range 6. show numbers on button click 7. and a bit of educational stuff to understand how you can implement this in your project. Clone it, create with it and have fun with it. Starting today, we will be creating cloneables like this more regularly. :) Be excited. Best regards from Potsdam, Germany Dennis from Vibrand Design
Tags from Webflow: 
interaction, custom code, odometer, clonable, animate, numbers, countup, countdown, vibranddesign

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