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Webflow Social Login [beta]

A sneak peek at future Memberstack functionality. Everything below the social login buttons is 100% Memberstack-ready.
Duncan Hamra
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Description from Webflow:  
Hi everyone! Hope you're having a great day 😁 This is the first of many different signup, login, profile, checkout, and other Webflow membership components that I'll release in the coming weeks. This one is compatible with Memberstack 1.0, and teases a bit of social login functionality that's coming soon with the launch of Memberstack 2.0 (we're really close!). Thanks!
Tags from Webflow: 
webflowmemberships, memberships, members, signup, gdpr, facebooklogin, googlelogin, facebookauth, googleauth, socialauth, email, register, account, userlogin, useraccounts, memberstack

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